Honey Walnut Prawns                                                          13.99

            Quick fried prawns with honey crispy walnuts in a special sauce.

    Prawns with Lobster Sauce                                                 12.99

            Jumbo prawns sautéed in our house Cantonese style lobster sauce.

Szechuan Prawns                                                                  11.99

            Prawns sautéed in our house sweet and spicy tomato wine sauce.

Hot Garlic Scallops                                                              11.99

            Sea scallops, water chestnuts, celery and carrots sautéed in a

            Hunan garlic sauce.

    Cashew Nuts Prawns                                                           11.99

    Prawns with Snow Pea                                                        11.99

    Sweet & Sour Prawns                                                          11.99

Wild Basil Scallops                                                              12.99

            Sea scallops stir-fried Thai Style with sweet basil, snow peas,

            onions and tomatoes.

         any hot and spicy item can be modified to suit your taste!!